Equestrian centre

Since 1846, our passion for horses has been a family tradition at Nettehammer Manor.

The equestrian centre at Nettehammer offers ideal accommodation for any rider seeking wide open spaces, fresh air and exercise, with a small but very well-maintained modern riding facility. Surrounded by historic buildings and idyllic nature, riders and horses alike will encounter recreation, relaxation and variety in their daily training.

All stabling facilities at the centre have been lovingly renovated in a major refurbishment, offering ample space for horses and ponies in indoor stalls, window stalls, paddock stalls and, from 2024, two open stables. An indoor riding arena (15m x 45m), an outdoor arena (30m x 55m), a round pen, the newly built trail course, a private gallop track - 850 m along the idyllic waterways - as well as a bathing area in the Nette river all offer both riders and horses a wonderful variety of opportunities to explore.

The picturesque estate spills out onto extensive riding terrain - directly into beautiful nature. Our boarding horses relish the run of our summer pastures and year-round mud-free outings. Each horse has its own hay rack for a round-the-clock supply of hay.

If you are interested in boarding your horse or pony in our stables, please contact our team via reiterhof(at)nettehammer(dot)de.

We look forward to hearing from you; we welcome all hobby riders to our stables, whether from Andernach, Neuwied, Koblenz or the greater Mayen area. Please contact us for an appointment: we will be happy to show you our facilities and take the time to answer your questions.

Directions can be found under Contact.