Equestrian centre


After 175 years, our family-run business realised the dream of modern horse husbandry,

designed with horses’ needs in mind, bringing a new face to the passion for horses cherished at Nettehammer since 1846. With the extensive renovation completed in spring 2023, we realised a whole new concept to meet both the requirements of the listed stables and the horses' needs for more freedom of movement.

In order to restore the original beauty of the historic stables, bricked-up windows and partition walls were opened up, new floors poured, vaulted domes renovated and dilapidated pillars replaced. In the outdoor area, simple small stalls were converted into paddock stalls with a generous run. A stream was re-naturalised, earth was moved, deep lava stone layers were installed for mud-free runs, and trees were planted.

We have poured enormous heart, soul and commitment into meeting horses’ needs in our renovated stables. In our before and after picture gallery, you can marvel for yourself at the groundbreaking changes we have made: