Gut Nettehammer

The Manor

Nettehammer’s diverse architecture and history sprawls elegantly across a large estate. 

Its peaceful, insular character was set in the 19th Century, with the digging of a moat to connect the existing forge to the hydro-power of the nearby Nette creek. The iconic old water tower still provides the estate’s water to this day. Wrapped snugly inside the gentle bends of the Nette, Nettehammer offers an island of tranquillity for events and celebrations. Far away from city congestion and chaos, and yet only a short drive from Coblenz, Frankfurt and Cologne, Nettehammer is the ideal retreat for events such as weddings and corporate getaways.

Nettehammer Manor was aired on February 23rd 2018 in an episode of "Schatzsuche im Südwesten“ © SWR