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Our advice for an easier preparation of your seating arrangements: Print the seating plans on a large sheet (A3 minimum) and use post-it stickers with the guest names to simulate the seating of each individual. You can use different colours for men, women and children to keep a better overview. The post-its can be shuffled easily. Once you have arrived at the final version, take a photo for further consultation with us or the caterer.


Download floor plans as PDF

Download park plan as PDF

Download seating plans as PDF

Function rooms


Hermann-Viktor Luithlen
Gut Nettehammer
56626 Andernach

+49 2632 957141

+49 172 2329122



In Brief   Beautiful, family-run estate
Ideal for festive events
Capacity   30 – 130 seated guests 
Interior   2 function rooms, 2 receiving rooms
(650-2600 sq ft)

Garden area within park grounds (10 ac)


Weddings, familiy celebrations, corporate events


Additional information
On-site wedding ceremonies
Plentiful parking
Fully accessible
Location Andernach, on the edge of the Eifel, in the heart of the Rhineland 
A short drive from Dusseldorf, Cologne, Bonn and Frankfurt