Absolutely pure and natural: these were the words our beekeeper Wolfgang Wonigkeit chose to describe Nettehammer’s honey over 25 years ago. 

Our 100% unprocessed honey is spun by hand. The first batch of the year is eagerly awaited in May, with the appearance of the first fruit tree blossoms. From mid-May to the end of the month, rapeseed and chestnut honey is abundant, prized by customers for its white colour and creamy consistency. From June to July, it is the turn of the robinias (acacias) and lime trees, which make for yellow, runny honey. The last push of the year is thanks to the nectar of raspberries, blackberries, clematis and white clover: this final shift produces dark honey, with a thick consistency. You can buy honey directly from Mr Wonigkeit for 4 Euros per jar (plus a 50c deposit). You will find him and the hives on our estate, near to Coblenz.